Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Its easy to quit smoking, in prime

I have done it a million time.

Wats in a fag ???, dey ask

They know not the pleasure after the arduous task

It’s a cynical world , the one around us,

Its no wish to fag , then why all this fuss!!!!

Lets smoke!!!!! Legalise!!!!

Imagine a smoker’s paradise!!!!

It surprises me , the similarity ,

Between a fag and me , with such clarity ….

Born I’m a lowly beedi,

Im small ,

Waiting to be picked up by one and all!!!

I aint strong , im weak ,

Just as a beedi im tweaked!!!!



I grow up much like a cigarette stack,

I flock with the likes, grouped into packs,

Filtered with the burden of education,

Ringed in the name of institution

I’m similar one and all,

So are the cigarettes big or small

Yet , I choose my one way ,

Kings , wills or scissors??, its for you to say !!!



Next is the hookah , the majestic one,

Much like me, hey !!! im havin fun !!!

I yearn for someone to serve and spray ,

Much like the man on the hookah,s tray !!!

Love hate n friendship are my’motions,

“apple hookah “is the one in-fashion !!!!



I wish to die a royal cigar ,

Royal to the l and knows no par

The very symbol of royalty ,

I shall strive for eternity !!!!

I have so much desire, so much soaked ,

Yet I will vanish, as d fags smoked!!!

It aint a reformation,

Or a lament on my condition ,

Its just a answer to a test,

On what in the world I do the best!!!!

Get up get going son!!!!

Its time for the nextone!!!!

----- my dedication to my fellow uff-ers!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Never b4 seen .... unforgettable tour ....!!! goa

This is post is about our trip to goa , It was my second my visit to goa . The first time it was with my family , it was more of a siteseeing with out fun . Second time i made sure to.. go with friends and i made it happen . We were 8 of us , it was a 5 day trip . The best part of the trip was the train travel , that is from our place(chennai) to goa . It was not the right time to go to goa , it was monsoon when we went , we thought our plan is ruined . It was raining all the way , until we reached goa , we never thought we would reach . It was pouring very badly , the train has to between the hills and mountains , there is almost 25-30 tunnels in the travel . The BEST was when we saw this beauty in the picture , just couldnt take my eyes of it and its still in my eyes , never in my life i ve seen such a creation . I would advice everyone to go by train to goa , otherwise you 'll miss this great thing . We then reached goa somehow , we made sure we got in to a decent resort for our stay . Then we hired 2 cars for our siteseeing , but the best is to have a bike . There is a place called tittos , a famous pub in goa , its one of the best in the country .

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dancing for the first time ...!!!!

Experience that i will never forget , had never danced before in my life , took a risk joining dance skool . I knew i'll be bad at it , and the dance skool i joined is one of the best in my place so i was all the more scared , it was like fallin in to the ditch intentionally . But i never lost hopes , gave it a shot . 1st day in my class , felt very cornered , people there had a special character that every dancer shud have . I was so subdued , was in the last row for the warm ups . I knew there was every chance of getting embarassed for my dance . As days went by , i made friends , the so called dancing attitude was creeping inside me . I felt lot better after 15 days of my class , then got a chance to perform in a show hosted by my dance skool . I was nervous but my heart wanted to do it very badly so gave my name for it without a second thought about it . We had a month workshop on the dance we were going to perform . Was not up to the mark , in my practice , dint get a few steps rigth . The dance style we were praticing on were regetton and jiving . Jiving needed a partner , and i was terribly bad at it . I made my mind to some how work out allright . So practiced with my sister and some how got the basics right . The d-day appeared in no time , and it was show time . I could feel the heart beating in my mouth , butterflies in stomach , oh gr8 feeling . The climax was an impressive one , i was more than satisfied , just loved myself . The picture above is our group poster for the show .

Friday, July 11, 2008

One of de best shot ...!!!

I love capturing moments where ever i go .... so i end up taking a master piece . The photo above is one such example . This was on my tour to tanjore . Its a very small place famous for one temple . You just go out of words when you see the architecture and the sculptures in it . Tanjore is the "Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu" and famous for the Brahadeeswarar Temple. The temple was constructed more than thousand years ago by the King Rajarajan, is an architect's marvel. It is a flourishing centre for bronze sculpture and painting. People coming to Tamil Nadu in India make sure you visit this place . Speaking about the shot that i had taken , it wasnt a premeditated shot but just came by chance . Anytime in the day , the architecture in the picture will not have shadow . Thats one speciality of this place , there are lots more to know about this place , it has got big history behind it .

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The 3 big ones

There are three places which you cannot miss when you go to kashmir . All these places are less than 100 kms from srinagar so it can be covered in one day . I wud suggest spending atleast 2 days in each of these places so you don’t need to cramp your schedule and you get to feel the place in a better way . The 3 places im talkin about are sonmarg , pehelgham , and gulmarg . Gulmarg is the closest to Srinagar . In all these places you are taken to the snow mountains . Reaching these places , the only mode of transport is a horse ride . The ideal time to visit these places are on summer , in winter usually the roads are closed for heavy snowing and the scenaries are goes behind the snow . All these places have ice sports like skying , sledging , skating and many more . In winters , if the roads are closed you have helicopter services . Gulmarg is best known for its winter sports and it has a high quality golf course . Sonmarg is famous for the glaciers , you just go wow seeing the place . Pehelgham is the picture perfect place , apart from scenaries you experience rafting . I had a gr8 time rafting on the down stream .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The dhal lake

The dhal lake this is the identity of Srinagar , there are three four lakes in the same lake . People live in house boats in this lake . Its kinda the Vatican city way . There is the most happening market in the lake and its called the floating market . Its just full in the weekends , people spend their time shoppin in the lake and the spl thing is no roads , only water and u travel using shikaras (The boats) . Its majorly famous for the textiles and I can tell you females ‘ll enjoy the place and the kind of variety they have . There are almost 4 parks inbetween the lake almost like an island . The best part I liked was the floating garden where they harvest a few veggies , the garden is nature made and its in the lake floating … isn’t it amazing . Tourists can stay in the house boats as well , make sure u stay for 1 nite atleast its an experience u ‘ll never forget . There a few fun activities like the water skyin and many more . The picture here shows the night view of the dhal lake with house boats .

Bird’s eye

The picture here is a shot taken from my flight . It’s the great Himalayas , snow caped . My travel was in the summer so there wasn’t much snow . Gimme your comments on the picture I wud be happy for Kashmir and India . This shot is just not possible anywhere in the world . Just enjoyed the camera in my hand .

Tour de Kashmir

When you read the word Kashmir , there is always something that comes to ur mind apart from terrorism though , it’s the scenaries . Everyone wud ve seen the pictures of the landscapes , the mountains , the rivers , the snow and the dal lake . When you visit the place I can bet you , you ‘ll never fall short of your expectations . Such an amazing place u ‘ll never forget in ur life time . This is what I think and im sure everyone ‘ll be convinced . Every in India fear going to Kashmir cos of the terrorism and the same holds with me as well but the place just erases those ill thts and makes you admire and u ‘ll be wow…!!!! I traveled by flight to Srinagar , stayed there for 5 days , we scheduled our trip such a way that we don’t miss any hot spots though 5 days is not enough . We were able to see 3 major spots apart from Srinagar . I wud suggest a 10 day trip to Kashmir to explore it completely . Chk out the pictures in my post and u ‘ll know y its such a beautiful place but ruined by _____ !!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Allsec - my first exp

This is the first company im joining and this is the first time im going to work in my life . It just feels great when you realise you are an employee and you are getting paid for it . Though its supposed to be BPO , i was just shocked to see the infrastructure they have and the amenities they provide . I was not sure what BPO was exactly before joining this place , i actually underestimated call centre from its outlook , but then after joining i just couldnt believe that i was selected , never knew their requirements will be so hard to get through . The training here is just awesome , you get the feeling , you are an international employee . The trainers and other staff are so professional that you just lose yourself...!!!