Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tour de Kashmir

When you read the word Kashmir , there is always something that comes to ur mind apart from terrorism though , it’s the scenaries . Everyone wud ve seen the pictures of the landscapes , the mountains , the rivers , the snow and the dal lake . When you visit the place I can bet you , you ‘ll never fall short of your expectations . Such an amazing place u ‘ll never forget in ur life time . This is what I think and im sure everyone ‘ll be convinced . Every in India fear going to Kashmir cos of the terrorism and the same holds with me as well but the place just erases those ill thts and makes you admire and u ‘ll be wow…!!!! I traveled by flight to Srinagar , stayed there for 5 days , we scheduled our trip such a way that we don’t miss any hot spots though 5 days is not enough . We were able to see 3 major spots apart from Srinagar . I wud suggest a 10 day trip to Kashmir to explore it completely . Chk out the pictures in my post and u ‘ll know y its such a beautiful place but ruined by _____ !!!!

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