Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shakthi Stores

U might think whats so special in this place , just an other store which has provisions and stuff . But that’s wrong , almost 75 percent of annanagar east buy their household requirements here in this shop . Know why , they provide things for cheap rate kind off whole sale shop , which the other retail stores don’t provide . Though many firms have come up with super markets in this place , it remains to be the fav for the people here .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The is one of the oldest landmarks in this locality , not a happening place though . It has a co-operative store in it . where u get provusions of cheap rate and on the second floor there is railway reservation centre . Apart from it there is rice godown in it and the horrible thing is , there is a wine shop in the side , which spoils the place with people behaving very badly in the public….!!! There is bus stop named after it and its quiet popular too because of the stop name .

Happenin Coffee stall

South India is famous for its coffee and for the unique way its done , its called the filter coffee . This is best place for the residents in annanagar east . Its generally buzzing with people in mornings and evenings . Its majorly gents dominating theplace and more of working people . The reason is , they ve a cup of coffee in this place and then start to for their office and the same in the evening , return home after having cup . Almost forgot … this place is exactly opposite to the k4 police station .

Sea Shells

A quality place for good food , located near roundtana . Offers all types of cuisines chinese , tandoori , South and north Indian , western n…. many many . Its big restaurant , generally you can find upper middle class and upper class people in this place . The rates are not too high , its offordable . According to me , the best in this place is the sizzlers and sea food . What makes this place even more special is , the ice cream parlour which they have , with a sitout open to sky . They offer super cool ice creams of different types .

Quality FF

Another eat out in annanagar east , its not restaurant but a fast food , filled mostly with guys . Not a hygenic place to be but offers tasty chiniese and tandoori cusine at low rates . and that’s one of the reasons why its always guys here . The place can accomadate only 15-20 people at time so its always full and they offer free home delivery . It opens only in the evening on goes on till 11 in the night , not surprising it’s a for youngsters …!!!

Balajee Bhavan

It’s the veggie restaurant , located near chintamani ( a place in annanagar ) . The place where all the vegetarians in annanagar would like to have food . All 365 days its full with people , its full from morning to night (ie.) the breakfast, the meals in the afternoon and the dinner . The rates are also very nominal , so u can find people of all classes coming here . The best part of this place is quantity , quality and for the price they offer food .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Naiha Shoppee

Its the latest opening in Annanagar east , near the k4 police station . Its one of the famous shop for clothings in chennai . It has all kinds of dress from inner wears to formal and casual wears . Its more known for women than men , though they have a seperate section for men . May be what type of collection they have matters . Its a three storyed building with kids wear also . So people these days in annanagar need not go long distance for shoppin , its become almost next door shopping .


This shop is a small time hangout for all the youngsters in the east . People come here for a fag , pan , breadtoasts , chat items, my favorite masala coke , lemon tea and few foreign chocolates .
Its majorly known for its pan masala , i dont like pan and i vent tasted it , but heard its one of the best pan shops in the locality . It has a good open space for spending time chatting with friends . The best part of this shop is , its a corner shop , usually corner shops have a good feel for customers .


The oldets known landmark in the east . As the name tells it has 14 shops in it , but its one of the disappointing aspects in this place . Located in the busy roads , the place is just neglected . It has small shops selling provisions , stationery , meat and few electrical shops and not forget its the smoking spot for many . My eyes goes red seeing this place being wasted for nothing . This place is so famous and old that it has a bus stop near by it , named 14 shops . Disappointing isnt it...!!!

Bougainvillea park

This park is located in the east's main road . It has garden well maintained which gives walkers in the a morning a pleasant experience . Though its a government park , people here fund it for the maintenance . It overflows with crowd in the weekends , people in all classes spend their evening in the park . U get junk food outside the park and very famous ones are the chat shops in a trolly kind of vehicle , icecreams on the move , ballons , small hand made toys . In the mornings u can find the juice shop outside the park for the walkers , its not the general juice shop u 'll find , they 've very peculiar list of juices which is exclusively made fr good health .

Starting with--???

I had a confusion on which place to start from , then came to conclusion , why not start from my place in annanagar and just go around ...!!! Me in annanagar east which is not very commercial as the other parts , but its the best residential place i ve ever seen in India . Its very green with trees covering all the roads and parks maintained well . So whats there in east chk out in the coming posts . The picture on the left shows the centre of annanagar east , which is the k4 roundtana . This junction takes you to all the directions of annanagar east .

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Annanagar Explored -- An overview

I ve been in annanagar for the past 15 years , so this gives me an oppurtunity to let everyone know about my place . Over the years there has been a steep rise in the development of this place , one side its good to be this way but its become very comercial with big retail stores making their mark here . The traffic is unbareable , increasing pollution , trees being cut and lots of unpeaceful stuff . These negatives just vanishes when it comes to fun in this place , with increasing hangouts , almost everymonth u can find a new opening . You 'll get better with annanagar from my next coming posts and you 'll know why it is one of the most happening places in chennai(India) . The picture in the left is the anna arch , which is the enterance to annanagar .