Sunday, June 22, 2008

Annanagar Explored -- An overview

I ve been in annanagar for the past 15 years , so this gives me an oppurtunity to let everyone know about my place . Over the years there has been a steep rise in the development of this place , one side its good to be this way but its become very comercial with big retail stores making their mark here . The traffic is unbareable , increasing pollution , trees being cut and lots of unpeaceful stuff . These negatives just vanishes when it comes to fun in this place , with increasing hangouts , almost everymonth u can find a new opening . You 'll get better with annanagar from my next coming posts and you 'll know why it is one of the most happening places in chennai(India) . The picture in the left is the anna arch , which is the enterance to annanagar .

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