Friday, March 21, 2008

"Temme abt yourself ?"-- my experience and thoughts on it..

"COULD U PLS TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF ?"-- This is a question that opens almost every interview . Unfortunately , many candidates fall at the first hurdle , stumped by this deceptively simple , yet surprisingly difficult to answer question .

This is a question that is bound to feature in almost every interview that you attend over the course of your career , and is always a good idea to prepare a standard script . Afterall , with minor changes , your statemnet can be used for different interviews .

Begin with a brief introduction , explain your current responsibilities , concentrate on your most recent work history or achievements , avoid going back more than 10 years .

Conclude with a statement about future career goals and job aspirations . You can also end with an affirmative or insightful query that will set the pace for the questions that follow . A good question will give you the opportunity to engage the interviewer in a conversation and alleviate nervousness .

Remember , a brief , succint and to the point explanation about what you have to offer to the company is what the interviewer will be expecting .

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