Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The dhal lake

The dhal lake this is the identity of Srinagar , there are three four lakes in the same lake . People live in house boats in this lake . Its kinda the Vatican city way . There is the most happening market in the lake and its called the floating market . Its just full in the weekends , people spend their time shoppin in the lake and the spl thing is no roads , only water and u travel using shikaras (The boats) . Its majorly famous for the textiles and I can tell you females ‘ll enjoy the place and the kind of variety they have . There are almost 4 parks inbetween the lake almost like an island . The best part I liked was the floating garden where they harvest a few veggies , the garden is nature made and its in the lake floating … isn’t it amazing . Tourists can stay in the house boats as well , make sure u stay for 1 nite atleast its an experience u ‘ll never forget . There a few fun activities like the water skyin and many more . The picture here shows the night view of the dhal lake with house boats .

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