Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dancing for the first time ...!!!!

Experience that i will never forget , had never danced before in my life , took a risk joining dance skool . I knew i'll be bad at it , and the dance skool i joined is one of the best in my place so i was all the more scared , it was like fallin in to the ditch intentionally . But i never lost hopes , gave it a shot . 1st day in my class , felt very cornered , people there had a special character that every dancer shud have . I was so subdued , was in the last row for the warm ups . I knew there was every chance of getting embarassed for my dance . As days went by , i made friends , the so called dancing attitude was creeping inside me . I felt lot better after 15 days of my class , then got a chance to perform in a show hosted by my dance skool . I was nervous but my heart wanted to do it very badly so gave my name for it without a second thought about it . We had a month workshop on the dance we were going to perform . Was not up to the mark , in my practice , dint get a few steps rigth . The dance style we were praticing on were regetton and jiving . Jiving needed a partner , and i was terribly bad at it . I made my mind to some how work out allright . So practiced with my sister and some how got the basics right . The d-day appeared in no time , and it was show time . I could feel the heart beating in my mouth , butterflies in stomach , oh gr8 feeling . The climax was an impressive one , i was more than satisfied , just loved myself . The picture above is our group poster for the show .

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