Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guarantee your name - LIFELOCK

Life lock as it says guarantee your good name , is a site that provides identity theft protection services . Identity theft might sound ignorable but still your personal information is at risk no matter how careful you are . Identity theft is a crime which is low at risk and good with rewards so everyone around are vulnerable to be the victim , which is why LIFELOCK helps you in not being the victim . Before I tell what lifelock has in store for you , I will tell what lifelock is and how is it comprehensive . Lifelock provide services which are the safest and easiest interms of usage . It has something to its credit , its services have been featured in CNN,CNBC,and wall street journal . This would be sufficient enough to start with, so lets know what lifelock has got and how it justifies that it is the safest and the easiest .

RD17 LifeLock promotion code is something lifelock provides which provides the service . There is a discount you get for the service they provide and the best part is that for the first thirty days its free . The package goes like this the first 30 days Free & $11 OFF! for annual membership with code. There is a link which gives you a identity theft quiz . If you want to know how better is LIFELOCK better than other identity theft service providers there is a review link , which will compare the benefits provided by every service providers . The promocodes are also compared , which gives you a better look into the service . They provide wallet lock for free with this package which is very useful for everyone . Their site provides enough information to know more about the thefts and why you need the lifelock service . Let me briefly tell you whats in their site , they provide information about the history of their service , about hackers and theft , about data breaches ,about phishing scams, about synthetic id theft and many more which will increase your knowledge about the service and will tell you why LIFELOCK is the best .

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