Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sometimes u gotta learn cin de reflections...!!!

Took near a lake while going to my friends house . Its such an exotic place many people here don't know about these places . I like to present a poem ha ha please bear with me .

If love gave wings I would fly away
not with but far from you
and redefine its perception
If love was mature I would not be wishing
for its symmetry beyond this reality
or constantly dismantling my confusion
If love were all, I would be
living under and digging further
six feet closer to my surrender
But love failed and you fell
deeper than me, yet both rose
in a paradoxical lesson, that of life

TO realize the value of
1 year - ask 1 who failed in exam and lost a year of education
1 month - Ask one who has not received his salary
1 week - ask any one who has stayed in their relatives home
1 day - ask who is fasting
1 hour - ask one who is waiting for someone
1 min - ask any one who has just missed a bus or train or flight
1 second - ask who has just escaped an accident
Every moment is a treasure . Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift i think thats why they call it as 'present' . So enjoy the present and enjoy your life my friends .

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