Monday, September 29, 2008


Here’s something that might interest fashion enthusiasts. A website that provides all the necessary information that is needed to pursue a career in the glamorous fashion industry. Not just that, it’s got lot for the common man too. The site provides a review on the fashion schools across the nation, listed under their respective states. There are quite some career options in the fashion industry, such as fashion design production, fashion marketing/merchandising, fashion media and promotions, stylists etc. A degree in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising can get your foot in the door of one of the many fabulous career opportunities in the rapidly growing fashion industry. That’s where the directory of fashion schools available in this website comes to our help.

There are numerous fashion degree programs available for someone interested in pursuing a fashion career. An associate's or bachelor's degree in Fashion Design is a great stepping stone to a number of careers in fashion. Fashion design students complete a coursework in a variety of subjects that are needed to have a flourishing career in this world of style and glamour. The website also provides info on the various fashions schools that provide specific degree in fashion. Beside these, there are interesting articles on various aspects of fashion and fashion design. The website also lodges a blog where in, any kind of query or info can be discussed on. It’s a truly informative site that keeps you in tune with the latest fashion trends.

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